To start the process, you will need to spend a period of time deciding on and collating items and photographs that may be suitable for the memory box.  This may involve other family members or friends which can be an enjoyable but sometimes lengthy process.

A meeting with the customer is next to discuss what could be incorporated into the memory box (this is an essential part of the process as many ideas are created for the customer to research and collect).  This has been done via telephone and email for a couple of my works and has worked well.

Based on initial meeting, the collage will be assembled unfixed and a photo emailed to the customer.  At this point, items can be added, removed or changed.  After this, the collage is completed and framed.

The whole process from receiving all items to finished product takes between 2-4 weeks.

Costs start from £160 for ‘baby’collage (35cm x 35 cm finished size) seen here below.