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Ever wondered what to do with your keepsakes? Items from your wedding day, old photos and memorabilia from childhood, objects from the birth of a child? That shoebox crammed with ‘stuff’ in the bottom of the wardrobe?

Memories in a Box can take your treasures and put them together for all to see and love. These are completely bespoke pieces of artwork.

Ideal gift for a special Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christening etc.

The idea started when I put together a lot of items belonging to my mother which I kept all over the place. How great it would be to have them all together where I could see them?

Then the idea grew - Sarah and Bob's wedding was the first where I began applying photographs to the frame (something that has taken a while to perfect). Now, the list is endless - birth, christening, anniversaries, special birthdays 18th, 21st, 60th, retirement!

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EXHIBITION A selection of my work will be shown at Fringe, 108 Alexandra Park Road, Muswell Hill, London N20 2AE. It will include various commissions and specially composed pieces for sale. For more information, go to http://studio108.org/#/events/4557434382.